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IELTS Writing Task 2 Common Outline For Essay

Essay sample for "Causes and Effects".

It is a fact that __________________________________________. There are several reasons for such a situation and also few visible influences too. Both the aspects are explained in the ensuing paragraphs.

Discussing the reasons, the most common one is ___________________________. This is because _____________________. The other cause is _________________________. By this I mean that _________________. Furthermore, _____________________________.

The mentioned causes have some impacts too. The foremost effect is seen on ________________________. The other repercussion is ___________________________________. Moreover, _____________________________ is also true.

Thus, to conclude the topic, it can be finally commented that (talk about the cause) and has good/bad effects. So, we should (give a suggestion).

Essay sample for "Discuss both the view and give your opinion".

There are split opinions regarding/ about _________(topic)____________. Some believes that ___________________________ whereas / while another group of thinkers support __________________________. However, both has its own pros and cons. Therefore, before commenting on my decision, both the opinion would be discussed.

Examining the former opinion, the primary arguments the supporters would put forward is ___________________________. This is because ___________________________. In addition, they also believe that ___________________________. The reason is ___________________________.

On the contrary, the latter view suggest that ___________________________ because ___________________________. Besides this, ___________________________. In fact, ___________________________.

To conclude and give my opinion, I would say that ___________________________ is the most ideal / appropriate way to deal with this situation. In a big picture, this would ___________________________.

Essay sample for "Do you Agree or Disagree ?"

Although, many people believe that ___________________________ is good / acceptable /convincing, I think in a reverse manner and agree / disagree to the given statement. My inclination is justified in the following paragraphs.

Out of all the arguments, the strongest one to prove my view is A good example for this is ___________________________. This is to say ___________________________. A good example for this is ___________________________. Besides this, it is also true that ___________________________. By this I mean ___________________________.

The other reason to prove my point is ___________________________ because ___________________________. In addition, the fact that ___________________________ is also logical.

On the contrary, some people counter claim the mentioned support. The foremost argument they do is ___________________________. Also, ___________________________.

Thus, to wrap up the discussion, it can be said that despite _____________(B3 point)______________ and _____________(B3 point)______________, my reasons that _____________(B1 point)______________ as well as _____________(B2 point)______________ are logically acceptable.

Essay sample for "To what extent do you Agree or Disa nee ?"

Although, many people believe that ___________________________. I support / differ to this statement to a large extent for some reasons. My position is argued further with explanation.

Out of all the reasons, the foremost one is ___________________________. This is due to ___________________________. To add to this, ___________________________.

Additionally, ___________________________. This is because ___________________________. Moreover, ___________________________. For instance, ___________________________.

However, I would not overlook the other side too. To begin with, ___________________________. Also, ___________________________.

Thus, to conclude the discussion, it can be finally said that although / despite the fact / issue of ___________________________. I believe ___________________________ is rational.

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